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Категория ролика: Black Desert

Теги: месть, мелкая, альфредо, desert, black

2:42 : *The correct stone and how the dialogue box looks.*3:56 : *The correct flag and how the dialogue box looks.*Also known as "Alfredo's Unimpressive Act of Revenge," this quest seems to be notorious for not being easy to complete because there are no quest markers or indicators unless you are on a specific spot. Мелкая месть альфредо black desert видео. It's my theory that the rock and flag change locations (maybe per day, or per account) because the help I saw online (screenshots) were in completely different locations. They showed the right type of objects, just the wrong specific ones.Anyway, I hope this helps someone out :)As usual, Clips of "Secrets" for the intro song, "Cybernetic Mariachi" for the outro song, both by my old friend A_Rival. Go give him a look :) My Socials:Facebook: Twitter: Minds:

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