Black desert свежая кухонная вода

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Категория ролика: Black Desert

Теги: свежая, кухонная, вода, desert, black

discord: You can do 1,000 bottles in less than 20 minutes!RE : Bob Biggins suggested using crafted bottles. Black desert свежая кухонная вода. Yes you can reduce gathering of water to 1.1 second with shining bottles, but it will remove all profit (if nothing else at least look at the funny 1s animations). The green ones end up costing 340 silver so a 15% reduction or so in profit using them, but it reduces time by 2 seconds each gather+. This is a quick way to burn off energy and level gathering 'faster'.This might be useful to some players, I actually enjoyed watching the 1 second gather animation more than anything but this could be very useful information if BDO ever allows multiple procs on river water (not sure why you can get only 1 and have all these bottles..)

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