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Ever since my first First Impressions video of Armies of Azeroth, a lot of people have requested I do another, but for an actual game instead of a mod for an existing one. Black desert роман для рубина. For a time I pondered on what I could do a video on until at last an opportunity presented itself in the form of Black Desert Online. BDO was recently released and has recieved a lot of praise for its new ideas and interesting concepts. However, is it really all that great? I decided to purchase the game for myself and find out. Get ready for adorable talking animals, overly strong men, and slutty women.All opinions are my own and do not represent the views of anyone else. Feel free to agree/disagree with what I state in this video. Remember however that this video is a First Impressions one, so there's plenty of stuff about the game I might not understand yet, or haven't had the chance to try out.By, Nixxiom________________________________________­________Credit fan art drawn by RukiexRamen! Check her out over on Twitter and Deviantart here: ________________________________________­________►Become a Patron: ►Follow me on Twitch: ►Check out the Nixxiom Machinima store: ►Follow me on Facebook: ►Follow me on Twitter: ►Follow me on Deviantart:

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