Black desert кладовщик в хиделе

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Категория ролика: Black Desert

Теги: хиделе, кладовщик, desert, black desert, black

TABLE OF CONTENTS:How much money does this setup make? 0:20Why are these the "best" workshops? 1:14Hide Gathering Locations:Fancy Fur & Tough Hide 4:12Tough Hide (Low level alternative) 4:55 Thin Hide 5:23Soft Hide 5:45Hard Hide 6:20Prerequisite for Pure Crystals 7:14--THE WORKSHOPS-- 8:03Silver Embroidered Clothing 9:08Yuria Weapons 10:56Steel Daggers & Jubre Talismans 14:02Grunil Helm & Gloves 16:56Merchant Wagons 19:43(Gatherers Only) Lucky Shining Steel Tools 22:47Processing Knowledge Quests:Heating: Beginner Drying: Beginner Chopping: Beginner Heating: Skilled (Start) until (End)Livestream: Worker Node Guide for getting materials: Music: Inner Journey by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( )Artist:. Black desert кладовщик в хиделе

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